Preschool Years Book

The Preschool Years

Family Strategies That Work--From Experts and Parents

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If you’re a parent, you may have already discovered the dearth of literature on a very important period in your child’s life: ages two to five, known as the preschool years. The first book of its kind, The Preschool Years brings together in a single, superbly organized volume the advice of parents, and the latest thinking of experts, on one hundred issues that arise during this crucial time.

Ellen Galinsky and Judy David have collected an impressive wealth of knowledge from such experts as T. Berry Brazelton, Benjamin Spock, and Bruno Bettleheim, as well as insights from parents themselves, to present a range of practical solutions to everyday problems. Taking into account the very different needs of a wide range of families, The Preschool Years answers specific questions on such topics as:
— Discipline
— Expressing and Controlling Anger
— Television
— Making Good Family Rules
— Shyness and Aggressiveness
— Sharing
— Moral Development
— Friends
— Real and Imaginary
— Coping with Temperamental Dispositions
— Eating and Mealtimes
— Shopping with a Preschooler
— Building Social Skills
— Handling Fear
— Choosing Child-Care Programs
— Establishing Daily Routines
— Encouraging Healthy Sex Roles
— Handling Separation and Divorce
— Holidays, Vacations, Moving
— And much more

In its scope, depth, and comprehensiveness, The Preschool Years is a unique contribution to the field. Whether you are a parent, an educator, or a child-development expert, this is the book about preschool children that you should own.

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