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In an era where the intersection of family dynamics, workplace culture, and child development is more crucial than ever, your organization has a unique opportunity to collaborate with one of the most influential figures in the field—Ellen Galinsky, President of the Families and Work Institute (FWI). With a storied career that bridges the gap between research and actionable insights, Ellen offers unparalleled expertise to companies aiming to foster environments where employees and their families thrive.

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Innovative & Informative

Ellen Galinsky captivates audiences with her insightful and transformative talks. Drawing from decades of pioneering research, she offers profound, actionable insights on work-life balance, child development, and societal trends. Ellen's engaging presentations leave a lasting impact, inspiring change and innovation in individuals and organizations alike.


Transformative Solutions

Ellen Galinsky's consulting approach is deeply rooted in her extensive research and expertise. She has decades of experience working closely with organizations to tailor innovative solutions in work-life challenges, enhancing family support systems, and fostering employee well-being. Her strategic guidance transforms workplace cultures, driving positive change and sustainable growth.

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