Books By Ellen Galinsky

  • The Breakthrough Years

    The Breakthrough Years

    Blending cutting-edge research with engaging storytelling, The Breakthrough Years offers readers a paradigm-shifting comprehensive understanding of adolescence. Galinsky’s nine-year inquiry into the adolescent brain and behavior, including conducting original studies—uniquely informed by the questions adolescents have about their own development—shows why our understanding of adolescence is out of step with the latest research—and how to correct it.

  • Mind in the Making

    Mind in the Making

     Families and Work Institute President Ellen Galinsky (Ask the Children, The Six Stages of Parenthood) presents a book of groundbreaking advice based on the latest research on child development. There […]

  • Ask the Children

    Ask the Children

    The first comprehensive study asking children and their mothers and fathers for their family views on work and family life offers dozens of proven strategies busy families can use to […]

  • The Six Stages Of Parenthood

    The Six Stages Of Parenthood

    Almost all books for parents focus on the way children develop. Ellen Galinsky, instead, writes about how parents develop. Drawing on the work in adult development of Erik Erikson and […]

  • The Preschool Years

    The Preschool Years

    If you’re a parent, you may have already discovered the dearth of literature on a very important period in your child’s life: ages two to five, known as the preschool […]

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